A collage of photos with some people in the background.

School Partners

  1. CAN Academy, Charter School
  2. Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary, FWISD
  3. M. Terrell Elementary, FWISD
  4. John T. White Elementary, FWISD
  5. Como Elementary, FWISD
  6. Christene C Moss Elementary, FWISD
  7. Sims Elementary, FWISD
  8. Como Montessori, FWISD
  9. McRae Elementary, FWISD
  10. J. Turner Elementary, FWISD
  11. Eastern Hills Elementary, FWISD
  12. South Hi Mount Elementary, FWISD
  13. Kirkpatrick Elementary, FWISD
  14. Sam Rosen Elementary, FWISD
  15. Washington Heights Elementary, FWISD
  16. North Riverside Elementary School, KISD
  17. Rosemont 6th Grade, FWISD
  18. P. Elder Middle School, FWISD
  19. Dunbar Middle, FWISD
  20. Wedgewood Middle, FWISD
  21. Fossil Ridge Middle School, KISD
  22. Fossil Ridge High School, KISD
  23. Arlington Heights High School, FWISD
  24. East Handley Elementary, FWISD
  25. Maudrie M. Walton Elementary, FWISD
  26. Rocketship Dennis Dunkins Elementary, Charter School
  27. A. Sims Elementary, FWISD
  28. L. Boren Elementary, MISD
  29. North Riverside Elementary, KISD
  30. Bill J. Elliott Elementary, FWISD

Libraries/Community Organizations/Universities Partners

  1. Chisolm Trail Community Center
  2. Southwest Community Center
  3. Summer Glenn Library
  4. Fort Worth After School Program, FWISD
  5. North Richland Hills Library
  6. Fort Worth Central Library
  7. Como Community Center
  8. Love Never Fails International
  9. Northwest YMCA Fort Worth
  10. Texas Wesleyan University
  11. Texas Woman’s University
  12. University of Texas – Arlington
  13. Texas Christian University, Department of Strategic Communication
  14. Sister Cities International Leadership Academy