A group of kids standing on stage with an audience.

What is poetry?

Ask five poets and you’ll likely get five definitions. Dave Lucas, a lecturer at Case Western Reserve University and the former poet laureate of Ohio, says: “Poetry is that place where language is pleasure and not just communication. It’s not just a hammer; it’s a hammer that we also love to look at and we love to use.” It’s pretty simple. Poetry is music. It’s about playing with language and sound. And kids love to play.

The following are PDF documents about poetry to download and share:

Poetry Slam Rules and Guidelines

TYDF Judge’s Criteria for Poetry Slam

Why Kids Need Poetry in Their Lives (The Washington Post)

Poetry: A Powerful Medium for Literacy and Technological Development

A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver

Poetry as Nourishment by Annie Finch

Developing Imagery by Stephen Guppy

I Am From Poem Template

Learning the Poetic Line by Rebecca Hazelton (Poetry Foundation)

Cinquain Poetry Template

Poetry Terms, Definitions, and Examples