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Empowering the Next Generation: Elevating Youth Voices Through All of Our Endeavors

Voice2Youth stands as the cornerstone of our mission. This innovative program boasts a curriculum centered on poetry and literacy, which has not only garnered recognition through an award-winning after-school initiative but also through an annual region-wide youth poetry slam, the publication of youth poetry anthologies, and the facilitation of spoken word workshops for students both locally and globally. Developed and refined over a decade through collaboration with classroom educators and teaching artists, Voice2Youth embodies our commitment to amplifying the voices of young people.

After-School Program

Our After-School Program is a direct intervention within educational systems, providing crucial supplemental instructional support for K-12 students. LEARN MORE >

Voice2Youth Poetry Slam

The Voice2Youth Poetry Slam distinguishes itself by offering participation opportunities to students from third through twelfth grade. LEARN MORE >

Youth Poetry Publications

Our dedication to showcasing youth talent is evident in the publication of eight anthologies featuring original poems written by North Texas youth.LEARN MORE >

Spoken Word Workshops and Performances

Through spoken word workshops and performances, the TYD Foundation has brought the transformative power of poetry to numerous institutions, engaging both children and educators alike.LEARN MORE >