A group of young people standing on stage with medals around their necks.

Our Impact

Fostering literacy through the transformative force of the arts, we ignite pathways to knowledge and expression.

Each year, we forge strategic alliances with local schools, universities, libraries, and youth-focused institutions to deliver exceptional youth enrichment initiatives. Through these dynamic collaborations, since 2004, we’ve empowered 7,500 young learners, providing them with over 3,500 additional hours of educational instruction. Moreover, our commitment to amplifying young voices has led to the publication of eight anthologies showcasing original poetry crafted by students ranging from 3rd to 12th grade in North Texas.

The impact of our programs is profound, with 92% of our participants reporting significant enhancements in confidence, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and creative writing skills. Through our unwavering dedication, we continue to nurture the next generation of empowered, articulate, and imaginative individuals.