Generous Donation From First Rate, Inc.

First Rate Inc.Corporate Donation Helps Kids

Thank You Darlin Foundation received a $500.00 corporate donation last week!  It was as a result of Dr. Tina Le requesting a contribution from the corporation she works for.  We want to acknowledge the FIRST RATE, Inc. and Dr. Tina Le for their support and generosity. We would also like to encourage others to explore their employer’s outreach or charitable programs.

Dr. Tina Le, project manager at First Rate, Inc and supporter of Thank You Darlin Foundation.DuringVoice2Youth: Poetry, Science, and Energy Program a few years ago, Dr. Lee volunteered to do a special presentation for our kids and has been a champion for our cause ever since. Her presentation shed light on the different ways energy affects human activities and the challenges faced here at home and in developing countries.

Thank you again to Dr. Le and First Rate, Inc. We hope that your generosity and support will inspire others to help our kids!

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