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February 28, 2016

Amazing Testimonies

Students, Educators and Parents Love the Poetry Program Students “The poetry program has helped me change because like when I’m doing writing and reading, it has questions about poetry and instead of not understanding it I actually understand it now and I have a way of writing without sounding really boring. I write words that […]

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Word Formnoun
DefinitionA toroidal shape.
Synonymsdoughnut, anchor ring, halo, ring
UsageHe was reclining on the red couch, blowing annuli of smoke that would slowly ascend and disappear into wisps.

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Thanks to all our supporters for helping to make this year’s poetry slam a huge success!


At our region-wide poetry writing and performance competition during National Poetry Month, 39 students took the spotlight at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden Lecture Hall.




New Voice2Youth Every Voice Matters Anthology Is Here!                          

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Two urban teenage girls who had been sitting in a rat infested mobile classroom were now sitting in a boardroom deciding the theme that inspired this book. Every Voice Matters is an extraordinary collection of poems written by over 100 kids who live throughout Tarrant County, Texas.  Get your copy today!  Classroom sets are available for a discount price.



Mayor Price Supports TYD & Childhood Literacy

Mayor Price with TYD Sign Mayor, Director & Kids Mayor Price, TYD Board & Director

 Listen to what the children say about their experience with poetry.

“Poetry is active!” exclaimed a student.  Poetry is also a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirement, and an effective way to strengthen young students’ literacy skills while promoting confidence and complex thinking.


If you give a child a word, you open up their world.


A poem by the TYD Foundation Board & Founder, Carolyn West

A poem by the TYD Foundation Board & Founder, Carolyn West