Voice2Youth™ And Literacy

Poets and Artists Programs feature a 3 ‘P’s model— Poetry, Performance and Personal development.

Arts & Literature in School

Poetry and Literacy in Schools

Voice2Youth In Schools

Fight for Literacy and the Arts

The Voice2Youth™ poets and artists in-school project is an expansion of our after school programs. It provides long-term TEKS-aligned literacy residencies at Title 1 schools in Tarrant County.

Many students thought poetry was always serious and sad. To broaden their awareness, their instructor played a podcast from 1974 with Howard Cosell interviewing Muhammad Ali. Not only did it make the students laugh, they learned more about the concept of rhyme and gained a new communication skill called humor.

Poetry is about more than poetry!

Children will enjoy singing, reading and writing poetry.  They’ll have fun discovering how a simple idea becomes a poem and how a poem becomes a song or a book.  They’ll be inspired to create their own portfolio of poems and to read them with fluency and expression.

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