The Thank You Darlin’ Foundation is a Brave New Voices (BNV) Network Organization

Brave New Voices Powered by Youth Speaks
BNV is the major host of national and international poetry slams.  In order to become a part of their network, Thank You Darlin’ Foundation had to complete an online form that included, director’s name, the organization’s name, phone numbers and email, and an overview of our program.  A day or two late, we received an email congratulating us.

Here is the link to the page where the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation is listed:

Youth SpeaksThe aim of the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation is to make the arts accessible to all children while building essential skills for personal and academic success. Our core program, Voice2Youth is award-winning, and was recognized by Texas A&M University evaluators for best practices. We offer opportunities for 3rd – 12th grade students to enhance their education and character, and gain exposure to the arts. Through our Voice2Youth program, students receive supplemental lessons aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements for poetry, language arts, and theatre. We also offer students opportunities to become published poets and authors. Additionally, students get a chance to showcase their talents in spoken word performances and during our annual regional youth poetry slam in April, National Poetry Month. For over 12 plus years, we’ve partnered with 30 local public schools to deliver quality literary and performance arts programs; provide safe places for youth expression; and give voice to youth through the publication of eight poetry anthologies.

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