Team/Collaborative Poem

I am the Change

I am the change.

I am bright like a star

looking down seeing

how high I can fly

mighty, making, mankind peaceful.

I am the change, not money,

but the change

that comes from your heart

to make the world a good place.

I am the change to bring families

hope, food and water.

I am the change.

I can imagine people shouting my name.

I will solve world hunger

and give homes to orphans.

I see colors.

Colors, can you walk into people’s soul

and brighten it up just like the sun

brightens our world.

I want to change the world,

and how people look at it.

I want to change how people litter,

I want to change how people abuse animals

I want change how people pollute the lakes,

rivers, ponds, and swamps.

I want to change how people bully each other.

I want to change it all.

I am the change.

I am the change for my family and friends.

I am the change.

I’m like a mighty dragon that blows away fear.

I am the change, a wind wiping out hate.

Change wants and craves

for people to want it,

to love it, to care for it,

and to treat it like

you mean it.

-Written by students from South Hi Mount Elementary

Jesse Hinojosa, Matthew West, Kaylen Phillips, Tatiana Ceballos, Cynthia Gutierrez, Ariel Escoto, Melissa Torres, Alex Puente, Vincent Hinojosa, Briana Hradek, Krystal Nieves, Harmony Perez, Alexander Saldana and Luke Levy

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