No thoughts,

A slab where there is nothing written.

Eager to be filled,

But wishing for originality,

For thoughts of its own

Saddened by the lack of thoughts

By the emptiness of mind,

Nothing consoles it,

And nothing comes to it.

Wishing for the spark,

For the fire to burn;

But unknowing to the power,

That has been hidden from it so long.

Wanting something more,

Something new,

An idea to call its own,

To cherish;

To watch grow and bloom.

Admiring those who have it,

A special thought of their own;

Something only they have discovered,

Something only they know.

But nothing resides here,

Alone in the dark with nothing;

No thoughts, nothing special…

Hoping, wishing, wanting, waiting…

For what is needed most.

– Imogene, 10th Grade, Pascal High School

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