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Children, teens, parents, guardians, youth directors and teachers all have opinions. We appreciate those opinions especially where Thank You Darlin’ Foundation and Voice2Youth™ are concerned. Those opinions help us as an organization to grow and gauge our success. We hope that what others have to say about us will inspire you to explore poetry and expression and perhaps to contribute to our organization so we may continue to assist and encourage these outstanding children and teens.


“The poetry program has helped me change because like when I’m doing writing and reading, it has questions about poetry and instead of not understanding it I actually understand it now and I have a way of writing without sounding really boring. I write words that you can understand now and like see them in your head.” –Harmony, 4th Grade

“The Thank You Darlin Foundation helped me. I’ve actually found a new way for me to express my feelings and now I feel more confident about myself.” – Luke, 5th Grade

“Simply, it was an amazing, fun, new experience. For the first time in my life I felt like people actually wanted to hear what I had to say. It was thrilling, I felt so renewed after doing it. In so many other things, it’s just reciting a poem, or something somebody else wrote, but this, I got to say one of my very own poems.” – Jennifer, 10th Grade

Principals, Teachers and Youth Program Directors

“The poetry students love to go and remain constantly involved. We’ve definitely seen improvement in their writing skills and public speaking.” – Ms. Angel, Fort Worth schoolteacher and Fort Worth After School Program site-coordinator

“I have had the privilege of working with the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation for six consecutive years. I am very proud to have such a unique and fulfilling program at my school. My students receive opportunities to read, write and learn about the essence of poetry. These opportunities have allowed students to enhance their reading, writing, comprehension and presentation skills. As a culminating result of the above benefits, students that have participated in the TYD Foundation over the years have demonstrated great improvements in their character and self-esteem.” – Seretha Lofton, Principle of Christene C. Moss Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas

“It has been my experience that their services are as exemplary as their passion for promoting student achievement. Many of our students have overcome the fear of speaking in public, gained higher self-esteem, and improved their reading and writing skills.” – Keith Besses, Principle of Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas

Parents and Guardians

“I am Ava’s mother. Thank you for the fine work you are doing engaging all the students in poetry! As a purveyor of words and art, it delights me to the tips of my toes! And she absolutely adores the time she has with you, so I am very grateful!” – Ava’s Mom

“I love what you are doing. You’re meeting a problem (need) up close and personal.” – Cathy’s mom

“I wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing for young and families! I had the opportunity to attend the National 21st CCLC Conference in Dallas, TX and hear the “World’s Greatest Superheroes” performance on July 28, 2015. The students spoken word poetry performance was so powerful and inspiring! I’m not sure how to reach their program to let them know what a great job they did, but they mentioned your foundation as a partner. I would love to hear more/see more from these students. Do some of their stories appear in your latest publication? Was their session taped? Thank you again for your work! It is making a difference.”

“Hello I am Kelley Rosas and I am a student at Texas Wesleyan University. I was wondering if you offer an internship opportunity that allows me to learn about how you help out a vulnerable community. It’s supposed to be 125 hrs to receive college credit.”

“Hello! My 13 y.o. daughter is very interested in participating in spoken word expression and possibly competition. She is particularly intrigued by the idea of being able to collaborate and work as a team with other youth. She has no formal experience or instruction. I am writing to inquire about options for her (possible) participation in your organization! Thanks!”

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