A is for Air, we all must care

B is for Bread, this feeds our head

C is for Clouds, floating high in the sky

D is for Desert, dry, dry, dry, dry

E is for Energy, wind, water, sun

F is for Fire, scorching the earth – better run

G is for Geothermal, a word that means heat

H is for Hydropower, water electricity you just can’t beat

I is for Iron, planet earth’s middle

J is for Justice, clean energy for all and that’s no riddle

K is for KABOOM, the sound of earthquakes

L is for Light blazing from the sun for goodness sake

M is for Moving water, rivers, lakes and the sea

N is for Nature, renewable energy for you and for me

O is for Oxygen, feeds animals, plants and trees

P is for Photosynthesis, brings water to leaves

Q is for Quick, we can ALL help! Why not now?

R is for Renewable, energy sources that never run out

S if for Solar energy, good for us all – no doubt

T is for Temperature, extreme lows and highs

U is for Universe, climate change is no lie

V is for Volcano, heat from below

W is for Weather, rain, sleet, or snow

X is for Kisses O is for hugs

Y is for Yellow, light from above

Z is for Zephyr, a new word for me; it means gentle breeze, air you can’t see

Now I said my A B C’s, clean electricity THAT’s the key.

– A team poem, 3rd Graders, North Riverside, Keller ISD

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