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April 4, 2017

12th Annual Voice2Youth Poetry Slam

Saturday, April 29th at 1:00 pm Poetry competition showcasing 3rd—12th grade students, Book sale, Music and more Admission is free and donations will be appreciated.  For more information call (817) 306-4441   Poetry Slam Registration    

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Summer Camp

Give kids a chance to discover all their talents!

Keep kids engaged in learning throughout the summer. We have many different types of activities that provide poetry, visual arts, music, etiquette, team building and acting.  Call (817) 306-4441 to schedule some summer fun for your kids.

Activities include:
• Creating a poetry museum
• Designing edible poetry
• Creating poetry games
• A treasure hunt poetry adventure
• Building props and puppets
• Creating a performing playhouse
• Drawing and painting mottos and logos
• Making costumes
• Creative writing
•Learning successful etiquette skills through poetry
• Participating in a team poetry poster project
• Creating homemade musical  instruments for a poetry/theatrical performance