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August 22, 2017

North Texas Giving Day and TYD Foundation

Donating to Thank You Darlin Foundation Helps Deliver Literacy Programs to Disadvantaged Youth This year’s North Texas Giving Day is Communities Foundation of Texas’ annual 18-hour online giving extravaganza for North Texas nonprofits, like the Thank You Darlin Foundation, that is powered by creative nonprofits, social media activism, area wide collaboration, and of course you! […]

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Carolyn West

Carolyn West, Founder and Executive Director

Carolyn has been the executive director of the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation since 2004.  Carolyn brings 25-plus years of experience to this position. Under her leadership, the organization has grown dramatically from providing arts and literacy-focused programs for 5 students to impacting thousands of students, annually. 

Carolyn studied business administration at Loyola University, while exercising her passion for performance arts, singing in theaters across the country.  Her diverse background includes managing theatrical groups and running financial service businesses for American Family and Allstate, where she received numerous awards for productivity and profitability.   Her transformation to heading a nonprofit organization was inspired by a deep desire to honor her mother’s legacy of helping others.  In 2004, in Chicago, Illinois, Carolyn founded and established the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation as a public charity.  She later expanded the organization’s footprint by launching operations in Fort Worth, Texas, and led it to become an award-winning youth service provider. 



Tresa Alvarado

Tresa Alvarado, Teaching Artist

Tresa wrote her first poem at the tender age of six years old. This was the way she learned to express herself, not only on paper but in life. As a senior instructor for the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation’s poetry program, she has watched children grow from shy and inexpressive to well-spoken and impressive. She is a daughter, sister, wife and mother. Tresa’s passion is helping children apply the science of reading and writing in school to real life situations. She believes the best way to help children succeed is to give them guidance, respect, attention and encouragement.



Steven Novy

Steven Novy

Steve is a young-at- heart senior who’s also a dad of two grown boys.  He retired from the Keller Independent School District as an elementary art teacher with 20 plus years of experience.  Besides his love of the arts, he loves the great outdoors and often uses nature art projects to inspire students.  Steve is very excited about joining the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation’s team of teaching artists, and says he feels privileged to be teaching poetry.



pink skirted tammy

Tammy Gomez

Tammy Gomez, Teaching Artist

Tammy Gomez, a 2007 Texas medal of Arts award nominee, is a spoken word and multimedia performer who is recognized for her cutting edge performance art work.  Tammy is also a literary producer as well as a playwright and director.  She curated the Texas Book Festival Poetry Tent readings at the State Capitol for six consecutive years.  She is also a participating member of the Macondo Writers’ Workshop.  Tammy became a teacher for the  Thank You Darlin’ Foundation in 2011.


Lynn Lewis

Lynn Lewis

Lynn Lewis

Lynn graduated high school in Atlanta, Texas and received a B.S. degree in Biology from North Texas State University.  She is a past president of the Poets of Tarrant County and sits on the Board of Directors for the Poetry Society of Texas. Lynn has been published in several poetry magazines and anthologies, including the Texas Poetry Calendar.  Lynn became a teacher for the  Thank You Darlin’ Foundation in 2014.

Photo by Ruben D. Gonzales