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April 4, 2017

12th Annual Voice2Youth Poetry Slam

Saturday, April 29th at 1:00 pm Poetry competition showcasing 3rd—12th grade students, Book sale, Music and more Admission is free and donations will be appreciated.  For more information call (817) 306-4441   Poetry Slam Registration    

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Regional Poetry Slam

2015 Voice2Youth Poetry Slam Winners

Yearly, during our region-wide poetry slam, kids enjoy the art of slam dunking words.  Sure, you know what a “slam dunk” is in basketball, but do you know what just a “slam” is?  It’s a competition that places emphasis on a participant’s abilities to write and to perform poetry.  To give voice to youth, the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation (TYD) presents a youth poetry slam every year during National Poetry Month in April.

While TYD’s poetry slam and the University Interscholastic League’s (UIL) poetry competition both promote healthy-competition, at UIL students must perform published works of noted authors, whereas the TYD slam offers students an outlet to give voice to their own creativity.

Poetry Slam Guidelines and Rules