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April 4, 2017

12th Annual Voice2Youth Poetry Slam

Saturday, April 29th at 1:00 pm Poetry competition showcasing 3rd—12th grade students, Book sale, Music and more Admission is free and donations will be appreciated.  For more information call (817) 306-4441   Poetry Slam Registration    

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Lead Charitable Giving

Pennies for Poems Project

Children Lead The Way In Giving With Pennies For Poems

When the poetry instructor introduced the idea of charitable giving to the after-school students at Christene C Moss Elementary School, she was unsure how they would respond.  She told them The National Commission on Excellence in Education stated about 13% of America’s 17 olds are functionally illiterate, and among minority youth, that illiteracy rate runs as high as 40%.  Then, she sat down and listened.

One student exclaimed, “First, we need to get organize!”  Then another said, “We need to choose jobs.”  With determination and energy swirling, the students organized everything including making a flier, setting a fund-raising goal, creating an announcement for reading over the school’s PA and gathering supplies. The students set a goal to collect over 3,000 pennies to help meet our challenge to collect 500,000 pennies.   They even elected a president, secretary and treasurer.

The worthy cause that grabbed their attention is ‘Pennies for Poems’, a campaign aimed at building strong literacy in children through the arts.  The campaign runs March through November.  In addition to setting up penny collection stations, the students and local community leaders and artists also decorate piggy banks for our silent auctions.  The funds collected enable us to continue our programs.  Who says kids can’t make a difference?

Join in the fun.  Contact us at (817) 306-4441

Pennies for Poems

Pennies from you and pennies from me

will help children build strong literacy.

10 pennies equal one dime

and can help cure “I can’t” over time.

500,000 pennies equal five thousand dollars

and could open a door for many new scholars.

If you’ve been collecting pennies in a jar for a while

or if your pennies are collecting in green dollar bills,

Please donate them to the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation

to give children in need more opportunities to succeed.

Poem by Carolyn West, TYD Founder and Executive Director