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Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry

It’s Heaven

IT’S HEAVEN (a sensory poem) The air smells of rain water and the bird baths fill to overflow. I sit...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry


Never underestimate yourself. You could possibly miss your true power, beauty, talent, and strength. Just like a clue to a...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry

A Smile

A smile is only so deep Words don’t hurt, but they do cut deep, tears soak sheets from pains that...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry

Dustpans and Thimbles

Dustpans and Thimbles Don’t gather your dust pan too soon, Don’t sweep away these stanzas I’ve composed to stick to...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry


Knowledge In school your whole life just to get to college. They say knowledge is the key, well if you’re...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry

Bully Act Right

Are you really mean? Or are you nice? Bully act right Because if you do the wrong thing You’ll pay...

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Celebrate National Poetry Month

Celebrating Literacy For over a decade during the month of April, the Thank You Darlin’ Foundation has celebrated National Poetry...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry

Team/Collaborative Poem

I am the Change I am the change. I am bright like a star looking down seeing how high I...

Voice 2 Youth Youth Poetry


Change (an acrostic poem) Caring for your friends and caring for yourself Have no fear and help others Apologize to...

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What do others think about our work?

Testimonials Children, teens, parents, guardians, youth directors and teachers all have opinions. We appreciate those opinions especially where Thank You...

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